Y-Axis is an Information Week EDGE 2010 Winner

Company: Y-Axis Overseas Careers
Project: Implementation of Salesforce.com CRM
Project Head: Xavier Augustin, CEO

Y-Axis Overseas Careers, India’s largest overseas career and immigration consultant, is among the largest adopter of Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition in India. Y-Axis’s 300 consultants use the technology for every transaction conducted. About 10,000 inquiries are handled every month and 5000 live case files are handled using Salesforce.com. Y-Axis accomplished this with the help of Locuz, that first provided an MPLS Network connecting 17 of its offices in eight cities in India and Lister that implemented Salesforce.com.

Post deployment, productivity remains high throughout the month with daily targets, as opposed to the previous system which encouraged employees to gain momentum in the run up to month end. As a result, sales have grown by 25% since deployment.

With this deployment, there is greater clarity concerning the source of inquiry. It has helped the firm to manage its advertisments. It has also helped it understand which campaign was successful. Deeper insights into transactions have allowed the firm to emulate success achieved and intervene early when problems arise. A 360 degree view of the customer allows sales consultants to effectively and efficiently manage leads and service clients. Multiple-level escalation rules within the CRM enable the firm to address customer queries within 48 hours.

InformationWeek EDGE
Enterprises Driving Growth and Excellence through IT
Honoring organizations using IT for maximizing business impact.
Vol 2.No.5 Oct 2010

Source: Page 101 of InformationWeek Vol 2.No.5 Oct 2010

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