Cheap data can be a bane

I worry for the youth of this country who have so many opportunities before them and yet don’t have no clue of how to access them. Cheap data will soon make us the most advanced digital society but unless we put it to clear use it will actually act as a major distraction. 

Chetan Bhagat puts it so well here:

“Right now, our youth — ironically, the most affected — doesn’t really care. An entire generation will be unemployed or underemployed. White-collar workers will become delivery boys (already happening). Common Indians will become poorer and serve the few rich and elite. That’s right, back to India of the 1980s.

Yet, the youth is busy in their phones, lost in their cheap 4G data packs, watching silly videos, playing video games, consuming porn and maybe fighting with people on social media all day. It’s all useless stuff. It’s also highly distracting, from their own personal goals, as well as national issues. Cheap data has been our youth’s bane, where they waste hours watching the circus while the kingdom could burn. The youth needs to shut that phone and rise.

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