NormanRockwell and his paintings, which I instantly fell in love with

As the CEO of a company that helps people seek an overseas career, I, ironically, love to be at home. Yet we have to leave it for various compulsions.

Leaving home to study in the US when I was 21 was not easy for me.

My father, who wanted me to study in America, died before I left for the USA. Normal Rockwell’s painting titled “Leaving Home Ties” would have been the artistic rendition of my farewell from India as well for thousands of students and migrants who leave home for better opportunities.

Within the first few weeks of my arrival in the US, I came across #NormanRockwell and his paintings, which I instantly fell in love with. Each of his paintings is like a poem that depicts a slice of American life. “Leaving Home Ties” particularly stuck a cord with me.

As much as I like people go abroad, I love them to return because the home is where the heart is. #theglobalindian#xavieraugustin#india

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