How would you like to be remembered? Wandered through Central Park in New York City. Couldn’t help noticing these messages on the benches. A park is full of so many good memories.While I was taking a picture, a curious cat (a woman, of course) asked me: “Is that someone you know?” 🙂 Am reminded of Frost’s horse in his poem:My little horse must think it queer  To stop without a farmhouse near  Between the woods and frozen lake  The darkest evening of the year.  He gives his harness bells a shake  To ask if there is some mistake.

The Adopt-A-Bench program was established in 1986 as a permanent fund to maintain and endow the care of Central Park’s more than 9,000 benches and their surrounding landscapes. To date, more than 4,100 benches have been adopted. In recognition of contributions to the fund, Central Park Conservancy installs a personalized plaque on a park bench of the donor’s choosing. Benches may be endowed for $10,000.

A bench is a wonderful way to memorialize or honor a loved one. Adopt-A-Bench for a birthday, anniversary, new baby, graduation – it is the perfect gift for any occasion! While the plaques take about 8 weeks for production and installation, a personalized certificate can be provided immediately upon adoption to notify the recipient that a bench has been adopted in their honor. You can write the plaque inscription yourself or let the recipient write their own.

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