Betting on the Future: Empowering Global Indians at Y-Axis Foundation EdUSA

In helping students and professionals go abroad and become Global Indians, I have found my calling and joy.

In every student we counsel and support at Y-Axis Foundation EdUSA, I personally feel I am betting on their potential to be a Global Indian who could make a huge impact in India and the world.

The world is going to change dramatically in the next few years and these students will take us into the future.

When I went to the US in the 1990s there were 2 types of Indians – those who stayed back and those who went to the US and chose IT careers. The meteoric rise of many of these professionals is evident all around us. Their impact changed not only their fortunes but of India and our place in the world.

I believe the same situation with these students as they enter the US in the age of the gene, AI and times of exponential growth. These are indeed exciting times. I hope their journey unleashes their inherent strengths and allow them to reach their full potential and go on to change the world’s and India’s challenging problems.

Who is going to be the next Satya Nadella Sundar Pichai or Geetanjali Rao amongst them?

I wish them all the best.

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