Embracing the Best of Both Worlds: Rediscovering Office Camaraderie Amidst the WFH Era

My recent appearance at the office was such a rare occurrence that someone thought it was a Kodak moment and took this picture. The heavens were equally happy, explaining some of the extra radiance pouring in from the ceiling. 🙂

I am enjoying the camaraderie and spontaneity that was missing in the WFH.

At the same time, I miss the efficiency and convenience of meeting on Teams – which starts and ends meetings on time, and every document is a click away.

Bill Gates also referred to this loss of spontaneity and suggested a good solution: Have a second screen with a live feed of your team on it.

I go through the daily traffic to reach the office because there is indeed a great joy and effectiveness in meeting people and working together like in the good old days.

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