East Asian Advancements

Comparing East Asian Advancements: Insights from Traveling Through China, Korea, and Japan

I was always curious to know more about China, Korea, and Japan. What makes them so advanced, even though they do not speak English—a requirement we often hold as essential for success in India? Over the last 12 months, I had the chance to visit all three countries.

I now have a decent grasp of the differences and similarities between these nations, enough to compare them to India and understand where we stand.

What I found in travelling, in experiencing first-hand, is to learn. There is no better learning experience than being there in person. One can only know what sushi, kimchi, or a dumpling is by tasting it and experiencing it. The proof is in the dumpling.

Have you traveled to or collaborated professionally with China, Korea, or Japan? I’d love to hear about your experiences and perspectives. What insights did you gain from your interactions? Share your stories below!

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