Early Poems: Implications

by Xavier Augustin
The tussle was in mid-air.
Two kites
circled in the skies
entwining their cords
until one gave way
and flew at its will.
A tussle in the air
and a commotion on the ground
the boys, their sight
anchored to the battle
saw the straying kite.
They ran behind it
all through the playground
and through the streets.
After miles of flight
dragged by the wind
and chased by the boys
the paper toy fell
into a compound.
One boy, tired and panting
jumped to hold the thing
while another pounced on him.
The second one ran outside,
the kite in hand. chased by the first,
who threw a stone and called
him a thief,
A little later, they fought
kicked, pinched and pushed
until the kite
was torn …
It is a pity
rather a sad story
tbat these boys.
will have to be Men

some day.

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