Early Poems: The Tiger’s Face

The Tiger’s Face
by Xavier Augustin

How much ever scrupulous,
the dried leaves announced themselves
as the tiger set his paws.
It was a clear night
a full moon
thirst drove him to a stream.
unseen, on a tree
sat a plump nawab, camouflaged
his nervous finger on the trigger.
Not much later
it took four natives
to carry the laden weight
on their shoulders. 
That was a hundred years ago …
All that remains today
is the face of the tiger
– posing on the wall
along with the nawab-
a dumb face housing a
twisted moustache …
And a double – barrelled gun …
framed in a giant portrait.
Only a grandson lives
to tell his tale.
A piece of Art?
The tiger’s face
remains to remind
that one must not forget nor forgive
the ghastly sin committed
on a ‘clear full moon night
on the banks of a stream
a hundred years ago.

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