How and Why to Travel?

To me, travel is the embodiment of what a good life is all about. It is how life is meant to be.
To travel means not discovering new places and meeting new people but it is actually the discovery of oneself – to realize who we are as individuals and also Indians.

Travel to me is about individuality. Where you choose to go, how you choose to go, what you seek to experience is an expression of exactly who you are.

Why would you choose to go on a costly holiday tests your value system and what you think about life? 

Does enriching oneself with a quality experience count in a world that values you based on your net worth of assets and liabilities? 

In which portion of our resume do we say we had an enriching life changing experience? Should it matter that no one notices it or accounts for it. You should travel for your sake and that is the starting point of many a great journey.

Travel must be done in great style. Actually there is no other way to do it. What a terrible sight it is to see ugly matter-of-fact suitcases with all kinds of reinforcements in airports. 

And to add to the sore sight, to bear the addresses of the passengers as if they were bandages. Make a grand entrance to the airport – remember you are the walking talking ambassador of your country. 

In a holiday that might last one to two weeks, what you do will remain for a lifetime. Here is your opportunity to have the time of your life. Indulge. Splurge. Wander. Get lost. 

Here is your opportunity to pamper yourself a little more than the ordinary day. Don’t hold back. Go for it. It’s your day.

Your grooming, your clothes, your shoes matter now. You should look like a travelling celeb. Enjoy a cappuccino and blueberry muffin walking into the local coffee shop every morning. 

Chat up the concierge on the way back to the room. Get some tips. Get ready for the day. 

Visit museums and palaces and absorb what is the zenith of civilizations encapsulated for your easy consumption. Some royalty is likely to rub off. 

Get a decent set of walking shoes. My Bally has been with me through so many places. Old shoes stand for leisure, freedom, and independence, personality, companionship, loyalty, experience, discovery, adventure, romance which is what travel offers.

Gather the courage to travel by yourself. Enjoy the freedom of being by yourself, with your companion and family. It would sad to be have your itinerary fixed by someone, have someone wake you up at 6 in the morning and be herded around. 

Enjoy the balcony of your hotel room. Spend time in there. Don’t rush to the next event. Savour the scenery while you sip your tea and browse through the magazines. 

Enjoy the leisurely stroll on the street. Don’t hurry. Let the businessmen and salesman hurry past you. They are on duty  – not you. 

Don’t miss a chance to enjoy tranquility – the solitude that you cannot enjoy back home at work or at home. This is your opportunity to get close to yourself and reach many resolutions within your inner self. 

The world is story book. To enjoy the great works of art in museums, make sure you are acquainted with the Biblical and Greek mythological stories. The more you know them, the more you enjoy the museums and other architectural landmarks. World History and 

Geography is a jigsaw puzzle. If you want to get a perspective, learn one favorite part of your history well. If you remember 1653 was around time Taj was completed you compare and see how the rest of world was then.

Exploit your anonymity to the fullest. You left your world far away. Abandon your long-held superstitions, prejudices, sentiments and fears at least on this holiday. Let go. You will feel the lightness of your being.

Search for beauty and every time you say “Wow” or “Wah” – remember you encountered a divine presence. 

Be generous in every way you can on this trip. Tip that taxi driver, tip that concierge, that waiter. Buy that hand painting from the street. Begin a collection of them. You are bringing home the energies and blessing of the world. 

The world is full of invitations. A golf course awaits, a berth in a train, a laid back life on a cruise ship, a curve full of suspense awaits you at every bend you choose to jog or cycle, a great view awaits you and a whole new world is waiting for you. Go!

Xavier Augustin, CEO, X! Travel Club and Y-Axis

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