With Malice to One and All No More

Khushwant Singh, my favorite writer since my childhood is no more. He was 99! I wish like Sachin you have stayed longer to get to your 100.

The Illustrated Weekly of India was a visual delight to me and I suspect greatly influences me even today. I really enjoyed his masculine humor,his bold writings and clear philosophy of life, world and women in particular. You can’t deny some of its raw sex appeal.He enjoyed his food and his Scotch.

Of course not to miss out on his gossip.He loved gossip so much that in his book he writes “I tell people who drop in to see me,  If you have nothing nice to say about anyone, come and sit beside me.”

Here is his quote from his latest books Khushwantnama:
“Ghalib: For sins I wanted to commit but did not, give me credit O God, if you must punish me for those I did commit.(Na karda gunahon kee bhee hasrat miley daad, Ya Rab! Agar in karda gunahon kee zazaa hai)”.  

You have earned a lot of credit, Khuswantji. RIP.

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