hOW THESE 3 ideas changed my life and career

I owe a lot of my success to my professors in business school because their words and ideas have had a profound impact on me.

In 1997, when I attended the Masters of International Business Studies (MIBS), at the University of South Carolina, at an impressionable age in my early 20s, I came across a concept called “The Borderless World” from a book by Kenichi Ohmae. I founded Y-Axis, my company, on these ideals to become one of the world’s largest immigration companies.

In 2018 I had the opportunity to attend school again – this time at Harvard Business School, where I had the privilege of studying under some excellent professors and about 140 CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world.

The concepts I learned from Professor Anant Raman who taught us how Ordinary People (like us) can Do Extraordinary Work by collaboration and continuous improvement inspired me to implement collaborative platforms like Teams.

In 2019, I learned how a business could be a force of good and how one could balance profit and purpose and how making a difference is all that matters.

Words are ideas, and we have the ability within ourselves to bring them to life.


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