Create a Life with Purpose

Watch How will I measure my life? by Clay Christensen

“I would frame the question “How will I measure my life” in two ways.

The first is “Is there something that I can leave the world that is something bigger than me then it will to help other people become better people?” and the second one is “How will I measure whether I’m achieving that goal?”

And to me that second measure how to measure it is just as important as the purpose of my life that is how will I measure my life and I decided working my way through this.

God actually isn’t an accountant nor does he employ accountant and what that means is when I come to the end of my life and I have my interview with God he’s not gonna ask me about where I was in hierarchy or how many dollars I presided over but he’s gonna say, “Clay, I stuck you in this situation. Now can we let’s talk about the individual people who you helped to become better people and then I stuck you in this situation, let’s talk about the individual people that you made to become better people.”

That made a big impact on the way I conduct my life because every day I have to start the day thinking well if that’s the way God is going to measure my life I need to find today a person who I can help to become a better person.”

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