I AM a Global Indian Spotter

Every time I scroll the feeds on social media or scan the newspapers or magazines – I am always doing the same thing – I am searching for a Global Indian. I search for an Indian face or an Indian name. And over the last 20 years, they have been growing in numbers everywhere.

Yes, you can call me a Global Indian Spotter.

Of all the ideas in the world, the one that captured my imagination is the idea of the Global Indian. To me, the Global Indian is a journey – of a man or woman starting from a small town or village in India and making it to the top echelons of society in the developed world and not just that – they returning home to India to make a difference.

They are my real-life heroes, and I dedicate my life in the service of creating more of them because more Global Indians means a better India and a better world. Don’t you think so?


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