Reddy, my cook, my Man Friday is no more.

Reddy, my cook, my Man Friday is no more.

Early this morning, I woke up to call saying that Reddy, my long-time cook, died of a sudden heart attack.

Reddy joined me 22 years ago when I was a bachelor living in a rented apartment. He saw me struggle and burn the midnight oil. He also saw me rise and see all the trappings that come with success. He would proudly tell others how hard I worked to get here. He was witness to my journey, and today he is gone.

I write this obituary in gratitude to the man who opened my door every morning, made my breakfast, serving it on a tray with warm lime water, fresh seasonal fruits and sprouts along with the morning newspapers for more than 20 years. His delicious meals would flow through the day – it nourished me and then my entire family. He humbled me with his diligence and sincerity.

How much I used to enjoy the simple banter with him.

Sometimes behind a successful CEO is an unsung hero like Reddy, who come rain or shine, makes sure they wake up early every morning to come to work – to ensure that our day goes well and take things like fresh food on the table for granted.

Thank you, Reddy. Thank you very much.


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